About Eeva

The older I get the more I feel the need to help and being of service to others with my skills and experience.

At the same time I understand how little I actually know. All I know for sure is what I have experienced and done.

Based on this I want to be useful to others with my expertise, my ideas and experiences. I have almost 20 years of experience as a designer and the ability see things from many perspectives and make educated decisions on what to do and what not.

The heart of my services is to support my client with my expertise and experience with their business endeavours.


I have been a graphic designer even before I knew what it was.

I travelled with my dad, who was an engine driver, on his work trips and drew, drew and drew. I also felt artistic agony when the portrait of mom I drew into the kitchen wall did not look like her at all. It was like my hands and head couldn’t understand each other at all.

Since then the eye-hand cooperation has improved significantly. Nowadays I also draw mostly digital art so the space for art is basically limitless.

I have worked as a graphic designer througout the whole 2000-century. I have BBA in marketing communications and BA in digital communication & graphic design.

I specialise in webdesign and ecommerce solutions with Woocommerce and also multi-lingual projects are possible. Take a look at my portfolio to get to know my skillset.

I'm not like everyone else

I have a chronic mental illness. It has tried very efficiently to keep me from chasing my dreams and from living a good and productive life.

The older I get the more I am determined to not letting the illness prevent me from doing those things.

It isn’t always easy, in fact it is pretty hard most of the time, but I have succesfully shown myself I can do most of the things I want as long as I keep my own wellbeing and my mental resources on top of everything else.

The illness is not visible and it doesn’t really affect my daily life as long as I take my medication and sleep full nights.

In order to do this I have two constraints on my client work:
1. I can be contacted only with email. Even the thought of speaking with people I don’t know on the phone makes me very anxious, so I prefer being contacted only with email. With established clients I do talk on skype too.
2. I only work from Monday to Friday and never on weekends. With international clients I do allow contacts on evenings. (I’m on timezone UTC+3

Geek and proud


Someone who is interested in a subject (usually intellectual or complex) for its own sake.


I’m unlimitedly interested in and fascinated by the intelligence of all living beings. A rat learning its name or having an interactive relationship with its owner. Or that octopi living in an aquarium knows its being held captive and thus some of them actively look for ways of getting out of the tank and succeeding. Or that crows play.

These are just few, not so common examples that demonstrate that humans are not the only intelligent species on this earth.

The more I learn of these things the less I know that I know.

And I love it.

Constantly observing my surroundings and other people, mindfulness, philosophy and reading are crucial part of me and my being.

I don’t also watch real time tv or listen to the radio but instead keep myself up-to-date of the world online then when I have the time. Can you imagine all the time that I have thanks to that?

A Renaissance Woman

While others do what they can, I do what I want.

There are no limits to what I can do if I just set my mind into it.

I might not be a rocket scientist but I do understand the physics and math required for it and I have no doubt I wouldn’t be able to pursue that career if I so wished. Which I don’t because I love what I do.

I learn and internalise concepts and ideas with staggering speed. My learning method is to listen to information while doing something with my hands.

I literally handle the information into my brain.

And if there’s something I don’t know how to do I will learn it. Bring me an unfamiliar OS or software and I’ll learn to use it within the next 15 minutes.

It is as mindboggling to me as it is to anyone else.

Outside work I love doing all kinds of handcrafts: knitting, crocheting, cross stiching, sewing, decorating, woodworking and all kinds of tinkering. I always have UFOs (=unfinished craft objects) laying around waiting to be finished.




A person in a community that admires Tom Hiddleston.

Hiddlestoners are not part of a cult that worships Tom (like many people think), they are a community that admires him for the many great things he鈥檚 done; he鈥檚 a man who鈥檚 inspired many friendships across the globe.

Urban Dictionary

I am an unapologetic fanwoman and a hiddlestoner.

I love arts and film and especially Shakespeare. Tom then again is an exceptional Shakesperian actor, though his talent is by no means limited by this. My wish is that he’d play Macbeth one day because that play is what introduced me into Shakespeare over 20 years ago.

Being in a fandom is more like a hobby to me nowadays. I run TomHiddlestonNews.com, a news website that collects the latest news on Tom’s work on one place. The site has been running since 2015 and currently it is one of the most popular fansites outside social media with over 8000 monthly users. The social media channels of the website have over 10000 followers worldwide.

What keeps me active in the fandom is partly also because of the friendships I have found in it. Amazing people all over the world are brought together by this talented actor. I am blessed to have met so many awesome people and I am not ashamed to say that Tom was the reason I have so many close friends I have now.

What else?

Husband whom I’ve been with since 1995, four Chinese Crested Dogs and a massive family house where we are the fourth generation to live in it.

Keeps one busy I guess 馃榾