Price listing

Price estimates

I do all design work with a fixed price offer. This enables me to work on more flexible way and the client knows from the start how much the work costs.

As a main rule the cost is determined by the quality and the quantity of the work. The more there is work and the more demanding it is, the more it costs.

All kinds of design work and customising, including planning and development, is always more expensive than work that can be always done the same way or just copy and paste.

All prices below are estimates based on previous projects.


If the samples don’t cover the field of your project or you have a need for a heavily customised solution, ask for a non-binding fixed price offer with with this form.

All samples below don’t include VAT 24%.

Logo design:

– from start to finish: 400 – 1 000 €
– from a raw sketch: 300 – 700 €
– from clear design plan and sketch: 150 – 350 €

Vectoring of a logo (from jpg or png file): 80 €

New website (with Wordpress)

– Simple one-pager: 250 – 700 €
– More than 1 page with additional functionality such as chat: 400 – 700 €

Updating an old Wordpress website

– including new theme and possibly new content: 300 – 700 €

Please note that if your website is really old it might not be sufficient only to update the theme. Usually issues are encountered when an old site meets new functionalities that don’t mix.

In this case a website might have to be created anew.

Ecommerce sites with Worpress & Woocommerce

– one language, minimal functionalities, can include chat, less than 100 products or variations: 800 – 1500 €
– multilingual with over 100 products or variations and/or chat, membership etc functionalities: 1500 – 2500 €

Layout design for printing

Note that layout design does not cover printing costs. You will have to get the design to be printed yourself.

Business cards

2-sided, full color, 9 cm x 5 cm: 80 €

Brochures & magazines

2-sided, full color, A4: 80 €
4 pages, full color, A5: 80 €
16 pages, full color, A4: 250 – 400 €

Book layout making

Includes cover design from ready material (photos/artwork + text), plain index pages, and general layout design.

Without illustrations (novels)

  • 100 – 300 pages: 150 € base price + 0,90 € per finished page
  • more than 300 pages: 200 € base price + 0,90 € per finished page

With illustrations (HR-guidelines, study books, reports and conference publications)

  • 50 – 200 pages: 250 € base price + 0,90 € per finished page
  • 200 – 500 pages: 350 € base price + 0,90 € per finished page
  • over 500 pages: ask for a quote

Finished page means a page in the layout that has either text or an image on it. Empty pages or pages with just a few lines of text are made for free.


Always done with either hourly price of 65 € unless otherwise agreed.

Didn’t find an estimate for your project?

If your project wasn’t on the listing, please contact me directly. I’m more than happy to give you a quote.